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International Journal of Mental Health



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Objective: Latin American-trained international medical graduates (IMGs) in psychiatry residency face multiple challenges that go beyond their medical training. These challenges call for innovative problem-solving. Although the professional development of IMGs has been discussed in the professional literature, little is written about their experiences. In this report, a group of IMGs reflect on their experiences and describe how they solved challenges. Method: Using cogenerative ethnography, four IMGs trained in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico provided insights on their

challenges and solutions while adapting to psychiatric residency training. Individual interviews, focused discussion, and written reports were analyzed using data reduction, data display, and conclusion-drawing techniques. Results: We illustrate the challenges of IMG training in psychiatry using their reflections and stories. We categorize these challenges into three domains: immigration and acculturation, social adjustment, and medical training. Quotes were selected to illustrate IMGs’ challenges and coping strategies. Conclusion: Some of the combined cultural, social, and academic challenges of Latin American-trained IMGs in psychiatry residency are described. Recognizing and planning for the personal challenges of IMGs in psychiatry can enhance the transition into psychiatric training. Ultimately, improvements in IMG training converts into improved healthcare for all patients.


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