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Funded through a grant from the J. Paul Getty Foundation, Andropogon Associates and George Thomas Associates worked with Bryn Mawr College to evaluate the historic fabric of the college and its evolution; investigate campus development patterns; and develop strategies for using, preserving, and enhancing historical resources.

During spring 2002, a group of Bryn Mawr College staff, faculty and consultants came together to design a project that would assist the College in preserving the historic fabric of its campus. This group worked to secure a grant from the J. Paul Getty Foundation for the purpose of studying the processes leading to both the preservation and the loss of the historic campus fabric. The Bryn Mawr Campus Heritage Preservation Initiative was conducted over a period of two years, beginning in fall 2002. A primary goal was to document and understand the mechanisms that affect how, when and where development occurs on the campus, historically and currently. The team sought to assist the college in capitalizing on the strengths of its historic fabric, by learning lessons from past decisions and by ultimately making recommendations for creating valuable spaces in the future.



Bryn Mawr College Campus Heritage Preservation Initiative