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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Social Work and Social Research


Using a qualitative research design, the purpose of this research was to explore practitioners understanding and utilization of trauma-informed care (TIC) as well as factors that facilitate or deter its’ implementation within transitional housing programs for families experiencing homelessness. Directed content analysis was used with a theoretical framework including trauma theory, the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR), and the Bioecological Systems Theory (BST). Thirtyfive practitioners from 23 programs participated. Participants primarily used the SanctuaryÒ Model of TIC. TIC practices identified were varied, general, and defied rigid proscriptions including mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and other social work practices. Programs faced many barriers related to TIC implementation with outer setting factors strongly influencing a programs ability to implement and sustain TIC. It is not enough for individual programs to practice TIC, TIC must be used in unison across social systems and public policies must be designed to be trauma-informed.

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