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Blank D.S. (1999). Graphics + Robotics + AI = Fast, 3D Scene Construction. In Proceedings of the 1999 Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Society Conference


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Sceneconstruction is the process of building realis- tic, three-dimensionalrepresentations, or models,of real world environments, such as rooms, landsacpes or buildings. Because of the realistic quality of images being produced, current scene construction algorithms require manualprocessing by humanexperts. However, the benefits of having such 3Dmodelsare great. Con- sider a situation where a three-dimensional modelof an evironment must be created in real-time. Existing scene construction algorithms will not su~ce. There- fore we have outlined a newarea of quick and dirty scene construction whereusable, lowresolution, three- dimensional models of real world environments can be created in real time. This paper describes the need for such a system, and provides a generalized approachfor accomplishingthe task.