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Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms is the first exhibition to unite two important Philadelphia collections of art by women: the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts’ (PAFA) Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women and Bryn Mawr College (BMC) Special Collections’ William and Uytendale Scott Memorial Study Collection of Works by Women Artists. Laurel McLaughlin and Mechella Yezernitskaya, doctoral students in the History of Art at BMC, astutely observed the connections between these two collections and initiated this collaboration. They have curated an insightful exhibition that rigorously examines a wide range of issues related to female representation—a topic that has been addressed by artists for centuries and continues to resonate in our current political moment. In addition, their thoughtful interviews with Bill Scott and Linda Lee Alter for this catalogue give meaningful context to these groups of work and will be appreciated by art historians for many years to come. Lee and Bill share a generosity of spirit and a steadfast passion for art, which is apparent in these contemplative discussions.

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<i>Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms</i>